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The Mildred Bailey Project is a tribute to the Native American woman and first female vocalist to sing in front of a big band in the earl 1930's. As the very first female big band singer in America, Bailey was a role model and inspiration for contemporaries including Billie Holiday, Helen Ward, and Ella Fitzgerald. She opened the door of opportunity for every female lead singer who followed the trail she blazed. A 1944 Time Magazine review of her sho at Café Society in New York called Mildred Bailey, "just about the greatest songbird in the U.S."

Julia Keefe, a longtime advocate and spokesperson for Mildred Bailey's place in jazz history, continues her efforts in celbrating the immense contributions of the late singer with this tribute concert highlighting some of Bailey's most beloved hits titled, "Manhattan Songbirds: A Tribute to Mildred Bailey." This concert can be presented as a quartet or a nonet.

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